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Consultancy and services

Our business aims to help farmers reach their goals!

Even though their goals might be different, the basic prerequisites for successful livestock farming are the same. These prerequisites include good livestock genetics, high-quality feed, balanced nutrition and animal comfort. It might sound simple, but these prerequisites are possible only due to the complex tasks involved in daily livestock farming.
We know that many farming problems cannot be solved by simply purchasing good products or tools. Oftentimes, farms have their own specific problems that prevent other well-done jobs, products or investments from showing their full potential and bringing results.
We believe that livestock farming doesn’t consist of separate success factors, that all ongoing processes, decisions and operations have to be looked at as a whole, and that each job well done will contribute to the result, while jobs done poorly and carelessly might compromise everything that has been done thus far.

RilataFarming consultants are both learning and teaching others. We are learning from the best teachers in the world, our peers and customers, and we gladly share this knowledge and experience. The aim of RilataFarming consultations it to provide farmers with advice, experience, information, skills, tools and products that will help them reach their goals.

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